Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Nats win!...and in a big way.  With a 10-2 victory over the division rivals, the Nationals began closing the gap on first place as the postseason approaches (by approaching, I mean 4 months away)The Shark led off, started in center field and proved pivotal to the Nationals win.  With the game tied at 0 in the bottom of the 3rd, the Shark's one out single paved the wave ("way" just isn't very shark-like) to a big 5-run inning.  He also lent his all powerful, hammerhead-shark-bone-marrow-enhanced bat to ESPEspinosa didn't miss the opportunity, and belted two home runs against the Phillies and the highly overrated Cliff Lee.

After the game, ESP announced, "I may be leading the team in homers, but the Shark is still leading the team in who is coolest.   I never want to play for a team without the Shark.  I don't think I could handle it."  Mako Morse also continued his torrid stretch, contributing 2 runs and 2 RBIs.  I knew that once he embraced his inner Shark, he could hit the way we was born to.

Finally, just so you are aware, the Shark has a 4 game hit streak going and he aims to continue it tomorrow.  You may say, "4 games isn't much", but I say, every 56 game hit streak started with a 4 game hit streak.  Which sounds better?  Streak Shark or Shark Streak?

Other News:
The Great White Shark populations off the coast of California have been on the rise recently.  Some people think it is because of environmental regulations enacted in the 90's... But according to several aquatic sources (remember Herb?), the sharks have actually just been returning in preparation for the Nationals upcoming West Coast swing (Arizona to San Fransisco to San Diego)

Google Search of the Day:
Someone found this blog by searching "flavored apples"... Remember this post???  Bizarre...

The Shark continues to battle the Phillies tomorrow at 1PM.  Be there.

More to come.

Monday, May 30, 2011


The Nationals lost 5-4 to the Phillies today, despite my predictions.   Mako Morse helped the Nats score runs, RicK AnKiel, not so much.  Start the Sharks together and the runs will come.  More importantly though,




I mean, seriously... don't the Nats want to win? 

In other news, Sean Burnett blew his 4th save of the year.

More to come.


Starting today, the Phillies are in town for three games against the Nats to end the home stand.  The Shark is in DC waiting for them (AND SO AM I).

Here is what I predict is going to happen...

Yes, unfortunately the Shark isn't starting game one of the series...
No, I don't think Brad Lidge's sacrifice is going to help the Phillies much.

Jayson Werth asks, "Can you dig it?"

More to come.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


The Shark returned to the lineup after a day off yesterday and went 1 for 5 with a run and an RBI. He helped contribute the half the runs that the Nationals scored as they only managed 4 runs. Bernadina reached on an error in the first, stole 2nd (his seventh SB of the season!!), and then came around to score on a single by The Great Werth. Then, with the Nationals down 4-2, the Shark drilled a double to left. A triple was in sight but the Padres summoned the power of God and threw out Bernadina before he could get to third. Unfortunately, the power of God prevented an epic Shark walk-off as the Nats fell 5-4. Apparently, even the Padres can't play baseball fairly these days.. Who knew

Never fear Shark fans, these less-than-acceptable blogposts are almost finished as I will be back in DC starting and Sharkadina will be getting an upgrade! See you all soon!

Don't forget to Vote for Shark for the All Star Game and get your tickets for the June 14th Bernadina Birthday Bash! Support the Shark and he will succeed.

Finally, the Nats begin a series with the Phillies tomorrow and the Shark is gonna eat their right handed pitchers like popcorn. This means you Halladay and Hamels. Crunch!

More to come.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


RicK AnKiel led off and played center field for the Nationals today, and as expected, they lost 2-1.  He did strike out twice though!

For the love of all things holy, keep the Shark in the lineup.

More to come.


The Shark and Mako Morse wreck the Padres

The Nationals began their series against the San Diego Padres tonight and the Shark and Mako Morse were hungry for a victory.  As with most Padres games, the Friars didn't score much.  Neither did the Nats as it was a bit of a pitching duel, but the Nats scored more and thus won 2-1Roger Bernadina continued his leadoff prowess, going 1 for 3, with a walk.  While he didn't factor into the scoring, the Shark being in center field clearly scared the religion out of the God-fearing PadresMako Morse had a strong game as well, and his transition to 1st base makes us forget who Adam "everyman" LaRoche is.  In fact, by perhaps accepting the Mako nickname, the power of the Shark is giving him supersharkual powers.

It is really good to see the Nats win a game as it has been a while.  I return to DC in just a few days and I'm hoping for a summer surge.  We know the Shark can do it.  Now for the rest of the Nats to jump on the Shark train heading to victory station.  Can't wait to watch the Shark in person again and go to the Bernadina Birthday Bash on June 14th (It's the first game in DC after his birthday, June 12th).  Hope to see you there!

Google Searches of the Day:
  • "what are the names of the fish that sharks eat" Answer: FLORIDA MARLINS
  • "sharks in McCovey Cove" There are none yet, but that is where Bernadina will be staying when the Nats are in San Fransisco facing the Giants on June 6th.  The whole Bay Area will be under Shark watch for the series.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


The Nats kick off a weekend series with the San Diego Padres.  After the Brewers starved him, the Shark is hungry for revenge.  The Padres, being a religious team, probably won't be doing anything evil like Goblincinerating or harnessing "Black Magic."  Therefore, I am led to believe that the Shark is gonna chow on the Friars....

It is too late for Tony Gwynn Jr...
More to come.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Zack Grienke was dealing today in Milwaukee against the Nationals.  Sadly, he dealt the Nats a horrible hand (7, 2 offsuit) as the Brewers won 6-4Grienke had 10 Ks and added to his own cause by hitting a HR.  Prince Fielder, was the Nats killer of the day as he drove in 4 RBIs on a perfect 2 for 2 day.  After the game, it was revealed that Fielder had "goblincinterated" prior to the opening pitch.  "Goblincinerating" is the act of eating at least 30 pounds (29 pounds and less is considered 'goblimpudent') of goblin shark meat before a game to harness it's supernatural and evil powers.  It is a relatively new art but has been picking up steam since May 7th (a date which will live in infamy). Apparently, Fielder was seen eating upwards of 50 pounds of the raw meat (most of it was fed to him by Craig Counsell) before today's game which left the Nats dealing with another loss and the Brewers investing in 300 gallons of Fabreze.  Fortunately for Prince and the Brewers, the goblin shark was of no relation to Roger Bernadina.

Craig Counsell feeding Prince Fielder raw goblin shark.
The Nats managed little offense today, outside a mammoth home run by Mako Morse.  Since taking over at first base from an injured Adam LaRoche on Sunday, Mako is 7 for 17 (.412 BA) with 3 HR and 8 RBIs.  Who knew that a Mako Shark would thrive in the shallower waters of the infield?  The (real) Shark had a good game too.  Bernadina went 1 for 4 with a SB (he now has 6!!!) and a run scored.  He has continued to get on base at a good clip, as he reached base on an error in the 8th.  His speed has been forcing the other team to rush plays.  Getting on base on an error is just as good as a hit...  Keep Shark atop the lineup!

Other Game Notes:

Shark, Nationals in a Funk

Well the Nats have dropped 2 so far against the Brew Crew.  They are in a funk, and not as in "Funky Cold Bernadina."  Funk as in "We are sucking right now."  Last night, Roger Bernadina was 0-5, but managed to steal second base, reach third on a throwing error, and scored a run when somehow Desmond got a hit.  The Nats couldn't quite pull it out and lost 7-6.  The night before, Corey Hart(less) hit 3 HOME RUNS and led the Brewers to an 11-3 victory.  Shark was 2-5 with an RBI, so at least he came to play.

Monday, May 23, 2011


The Nationals begin a 3 game series with the Brewers tonight.  They faced the Nationals earlier this year when the Shark was still in Syracuse.  Now, armed with the Shark, the Nats are going to obliterate the Brewers...

Sure, the BrewCrew will put up a fight...

But the Shark will come out victorious...

Wait a minute...That infield dirt looks like sepia water...
More to come.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Shark Misses by "Fin"ches

No, not "finch" like the type of bird and no, as far as I know there is no Mrs. Shark.  They say baseball is a game of inches, and to Sharkadize it, I made it "fin"ches.  Yes, it's lame and terrible, don't keep reading.

As I was saying, baseball is a game of inches, and the Shark experienced it first hand, today.  The Washington Nationals dropped the rubber match against the Orioles 2-1.  To lead off the game, Bernadina laid down a perfect bunt, but because his foot was a couple of inches on home plate, he was called out.  In the 3rd inning, the Shark crushed a ball right field.  Off the bat, it looked like it had a chance to get out of the park, but fell a few inches short and ended up being a double.  Then, in the 4th, with the bases loaded, Bernadina blasted another shot to right, but the ball ended up six or fewer inches from the wall. Orioles outfielder Nick Sharkakis (thanks @federalbaseball), did his best Shark impression and robbed Bernadina of a hit.

That was it!  A total of 12 inches would have probably given the Shark a 3 for 3 day with 6 RBIs.  Instead, he settled for 1 for 5 and the Nats couldn't manage to rally behind his hard hit balls.

I know these past few posts have been weak, but I promise better posts soon.  The Nationals face off against the Brewers in Milwaukee...Sharkadina prediction tomorrow.

More to come.

Nats Lose, Shark Prevents Rapture

The Nationals fell against the Orioles today, managing only 1 RBI in the 8-3 shellacking.  The Orioles seemed to have learned a lesson from yesterday's game as only 2 of their 14 hits were towards center field.  Clearly afraid of the Shark, they followed the Pirates example and avoided him at all cost.

The Shark, meanwhile, went 0 for 4, but clearly had a lot on his mind.  According to some, the world was supposed to end today.  Despite the fact that Roger Bernadina had a game to play, he wasn't going to let that happen.  Between every half inning, Bernadina was seen hurriedly exiting the clubhouse to prevent several world disasters.
  • Between the 1st and the 2nd, he swam to the center of the earth, and pulled two slipping tectonic plates back together
  • During the 4th inning, he threw a whale at a fast approaching meteor in order to throw it off its collision course with earth.
  • In the 5th, the Shark swallowed trillions of gallons of water, preventing a flood in the Ukraine
  • While fans sang "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" during the 7th inning stretch, Bernadina stole all nuclear capabilities from North Korea.
  • Finally, just before the top of the 9th, the Shark tossed a bunch of Phillies fans into a pit.
So next time you try and judge the Shark, just remember that he saved the world today. Hopefully, he'll save the Nats tomorrow.

More to come.

Saturday, May 21, 2011



Wow, that was one ridiculous game between the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals!  If you saw my post from earlier today, I predicted that the Shark was going to tear apart the Orioles.  You know something, I wasn't far off.

The game had a lot of ups and downs, but ultimately, the Shark led the Nationals to a crazy 17-5 drumming of the Orioles.  As a team, the Nationals hit 6 home runs.  The Great Werth hit two of them, and ESP had another.  For good measure, the Rhino also hit one, as the Nats rebounded from two straight shutouts, to pound a season high 19 hits.  Two players, Wilson "the Rhino" Ramos(who scored 5 runs!), and Danny ESPinosa, were a hit away from the cycle and the Nationals scored at least one run in 7 of the 9 innings.  Clearly, leaving the polluted and infested New York City has had a positive affect on the Nationals and the Shark.

Roger Bernadina had a very up and down game.  Overall, and definitely in the box score, the Shark had a good game.  He went 2 for 6, with a single and a two-run home run!  He also had an outfield assist which cooled a Baltimore rally.  His home run helped put the game out of reach.  Surprisingly (because of the lopsided score) the game was still close in the top of the 5th, with the Nationals  holding onto a 6-5 lead.  Then the Shark followed a Rhino triple and an ESP single with his first HR of the season to put the Nats up 10-5.  Offensively, the game was laughable after that.

Friday, May 20, 2011


The Nationals begin a three game set against the Baltimore Orioles this weekend...

Hahaha! A Shark against the birds?! The Orioles don't stand a chance.  The Shark is going to have a feast!

If you don't believe that, @Evolution33 sent me this link with further evidence of what is going to happen.  If you are pressed for time, skip to the 1:17 mark...

More to come.

Bats Stay Silent, Nats Lose

Yesterday, the Nationals lost 3-0 to the Mets, caused directly by the acid rain that was pouring from the sky.  This afternoon, the bats stayed silent and the Nationals lost 1-0, with the Shark going 0-3.

Allow me to catch you up.  Bats are evil, disgusting, shark-hating creatures (I once spent a summer sleeping in a bat infested cabin in Northern Wisconsin, so I know first hand).  As you may or may not know, bats are blind, and therefor emit a high frequency noise and use echolocation to "see" where they are going.  Humans can't hear the noise, but animals can.  Playing in baseball stadiums that are full of bats, the Shark is completely used to this noise. This afternoon at Citi Field, in a spiteful rage-filled manner, the bats literally went silent.  This crazy change wreaked havoc on Roger Bernadina's "Shark Senses" and possibly affected the entire Nats team.

In order to start winning more games, the Nats Bats need to WAKE UP!  Hopefully our Bats are loud in Baltimore this weekend.

Wait, what bats are we talking about anymore?
More to come.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

SHARK VS METS, Acid Rain Drains Shark Power

Well, all I can say is that was a disappointing game for the Nats and The Shark.  The stage was set for The Shark: bottom of the 7th, bases loaded, two outs, full count.  The sky opened up and it was pouring down rain.  Usually, water gives The Shark more power, but this was the acidic and polluted rain of New York City and it had the opposite effect on the Mighty Sharkadina.  Alas, it wasn't meant to be.  But mark my words, Loyal Shark Fans, he will get his revenge tomorrow.  Let's hope for clear skies.

Jaws 2: A Preview of Tomorrow's Game
Also, check out this article at The Washington Times on the impending outfield clustersh*rk that is going to happen when Ankiel returns from the DL.  So far, all Riggleman can say is "It'll be a tough decision." We here at Sharkadina have faith that Bernadina will continue to make great defensive plays and get on base and will make Riggleman's decision much easier.  

More to come.

Shark Videos

The Nats were rained out yesterday (I had a $2 ticket too!) and there was nothing to watch on TV...so I obviously spent the day watching Roger Bernadina videos on YouTube.  It's going to be a long day before the Nats start their series against the Mets tonight, so while you are waiting please enjoy these two Shark-tastic vids!

It's come to my attention that some readers of this blog (my roommate) may not have seen "The Catch." Thanks to @section138 for making this awesome video of the Shark set to appropriately heroic music:

Section 138 also created the first (and so far, only) Shark T-Shirt. This would be appropriate to wear to the upcoming Bernadina Birthday Bash/Terry's (@Sharkadina) Triumphant Return to Nats Park on June 14 vs. the Cardinals.

Here is a great interview with Bernadina from last week.  Sadly, Johnny did not reference his nickname even though loyal Shark fan @SodaPop6548 made him aware of it before the interview.  It's only a matter of time before EVERYONE is calling him "The Shark"...

More to come.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pirates too scared to face Shark, Nats game called

Today's Nationals game was postponed due to rain.  It was called early, so this is probably not news to anyone.  However, according to groundskeeper (and Shark fan) Pinko Doodle, the Pittsburgh Pirates were to blame for the postponement.  Apparently, rain was not forecast until just hours before the game when suddenly a huge rain cloud appeared above the stadium and drenched the grounds.  Doodle claims that he saw several Pirates partaking in some sort of "satanic rain dance", moments before the inclement weather began.

Ronny Cedeno was the apparent ringleader as he led the team in a "can't play Shark, so we gotta make it rain" chant.

The below photograph backs Doodle's claim.  Doodle is pictured working while the Pirates conjure up the downpour.  Clearly they know that Shark's thrive in the water...

can't play Shark, gotta make it rain...
Yesterday, I coined a new word; Bernadefense. The word refers to playing defense in a way reminiscent of the Shark.  Someone who makes a highlight reel catch displays Bernadefense. The Anti-Shark, Logan Morrison, does not play Bernadefense.

My one problem with Bernadefense is that it doesn't reference "shark" in it.... So I asked twitter and here are the best(and pretty much only) answers:

@sarrraright - bernadeFINs
@DCyetti - Selachimorphense

So good!  Thank you @sarrraright and @DCyetti, you've really stepped up to the challenge.  If anyone else has a good shark-related term describing Bernadina, please write them in the comment section below!

Coming up: The series with the Pirates is over for now.  The Nationals now head to NY for a series for the Mets again.  You'll remember, they faced the Shark earlier this year during his first callup.  Somehow the Mets won.  Expect the Shark to seek revenge.

More to come.

Monday, May 16, 2011


Shark vs. Pirates
The season long battle between the Nationals (led by the Shark) and the Pirates began tonight in DC and he Nationals pulled out a 4-2 victory over the Bucs, even though the Bernadina went 0-4 (he did have some hard hit balls though).  The Shark made up for the ofer performance by displaying his Shark Cannon.  With the game tied at 1 in the third inning, Brandon Wood attempted to go first to third on a single hit to center. Bad move.  Clearly he hasn't read the MLB Official Rules which have been updated since Bernadina's promotion.

Official Major League Rules: 7.01 Never, ever, EVER run on the Shark.

Of course, by breaking baseballs rule, Wood became just another victim of the Shark.  As is tradition, Wood then had to get the Shark's autograph which resulted in him playing the rest of the game without his left arm.  Bernadina's throw helped kill the Pirates attempt at taking the lead and boosted the Nats to victory.  ESP was especially moved and devoted his 2-run HR to shark victims around the world.  It is so nice to see that the Shark contributes in some way to every game.  It is also great to see him provin he is better than RicK AnKiel, too.

Fan Picture of the Day
It wasn't posted today, but I recently found this picture taken by Shark Fan @heyelisabeth!  There can truly be nothing better than getting to watch the Shark in action AND finding a shark in a Cracker Jacks box.  I am jealous beyond compare.  Unless, of course, the Nationals organization have stocked every Cracker Jack box they carry with Shark stickers... Either way, save that Shark forever, and the great Bernadina will look kindly upon you.

Which is the real Shark?

Google Search of the Day
In recent days, DOZENS of people have found this blog by searching for some variation of "johnny cueto behind the back play."  I mentioned Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto in once in one post, two days ago when the Shark was up against him in Web Gem of the Year (which I am still amazed that the Shark lost that...).  Somehow, based off that one post (thanks Google), searching for Johnny Cueto catch brings up the Sharkadina Blog as a top ten result.  The question that remains is after they search, why do they click on a blog promoting another team's sharkadelic CF?  The answer of course is that they are probably spies. Thanks to McCarthyism, "Reds" and "spies" seem to go hand in hand...

More to come.


Pirates and sharks have historically clashed on many of the world's greatest stages.

The great Pirate/Shark Battle of 1876 where pirates around the world were hunted down by a vicious pack of tiger sharks, is one such instance.  More often than not, the sharks come out victorious.

When the Pittsburgh Pirates come to Washington DC for a 3-game set, expect that trend to continue...

I guess sharks don't have reflections...
Roger Bernadina has had a good career against the pirates.  He's batting .300 with 3 runs, 1 RBI, and 1 SB in only 20 ABs.

Expect the Pirates to jump ship...

More to come.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shark leads Nats to victory against the Anti-Shark

For the 8th consecutive game, Roger Bernadina has led off the game.  And, for the 8th consecutive game, the Shark made everyone question why he started the season in Syracuse.  The Shark finally got support in the final game of the Marlins series, with the Nationals deciding to shark up and win.   The Nats scored 6 runs in the first inning (which was kicked off by a Shark bunt single) off Marlins start Javier Vasquez, and then held on to beat the Marlins 8-4.

The Sharkplug had a very impressive game, going 2-4, with a run and an RBI (he's now batting .344!!).  He also added a walk, which raised his on base percentage to above .450.  The Shark is playing exactly how we expected him to going into the season.  He now is boasting a 4-game hit streak (in which he is 7 for 15, batting .466)!  Equally impressive is that he also has a 4-game walk streak, which is exactly what you want from a leadoff hitter!  Even more impressive is that the Shark still has more walks than he has strikeouts this season.  This is exactly what Tyler and I were predicting when we nicknamed Roger Bernadina "the Shark" last August (the story of that game will be posted soon. Until then, message Tyler and tell him to hurry up with the edits)!

More Game Tidbits:
Logan Morrison has been emerging as the Anti-Shark recently.  Morrison plays left field for the Marlins.  He has shown glimpses of shark-like defense (by throwing out Jason Marquis at 3rd) but has failed in other regards (with an error in the first inning).  Apparently he is known as the Honey Badger.  He and the Shark seem to be building a rivalry, challenging eachother with hard hit balls.  They boast similar styles of play and I look forward to seeing the battle rage between the Shark and the Honey Badger this season.  If you are on twitter, message Morrison, @LoMoMarlins, and see if we can get him to acknowledge the rivalry (and the fact that he is scared to death of the Shark).

Todd Coffey got crushed in the elbow on a line drive by Emilio Bonifacio.  After the game, Coffey stated, "I just wish the Shark could have saved me from that ball, too." The Catch by the Shark on Friday, you'll remember, was made possible by Mike Stanton hitting a ball pitched by Todd Coffey. As impressive the Shark is on defense, he couldn't save Coffey, on that one...or perhaps, he didn't want to?

ESPN Shark:
Congratulations to all!  The Shark's catch beat out Yuniesky Betancourt's behind the back play for ESPN's Web Gem of the Year (so far).  Unfortunately, there is already a new challenger.  Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto made a behind the back snag of an Albert Pujols grounder.   If you are interested in defending the Shark's title, go to the ESPN MLB Site, scroll down and vote Shark. He's currently down 44% to 56%...

Here are three reasons why you should vote for the Shark over Johnny Cueto
  1. You are on Roger Bernadina's Unofficial Blog, so you don't care about Johnny Cueto
  2. Roger Bernadina's catch saved probably 2 runs and kept the game tied, Cueto's snag happened with no one on base and a 3 run lead
  3. The Shark's "Catch" required athleticism, Cueto's was pure luck.
UPDATE: Johnny Cueto's behind the back catch has apparently won.  This goes to show that the Nationals need a stronger fan base, because that play was infinitely less impressive.
    All-Star Shark:
    A Sharkadina Thank You (probably worthless...) goes out to @ihearttyrone for voting Shark!

    Follow @ihearttyrone's lead.

    More to come.


    What is with Anibal Sanchez??  I wrote last week about his dominant start and his use of the illegal Shark Repellent Bat Spray.  Apparently, this Anibal domination of the Nationals extends farther back, as he is 7-0 against the Nats for his career. Unacceptable! The Nats need to Shark up and DESTROY SANCHEZ.

    Sadly, the Nationals managed only 4 hits today against the Marlins.  The Shark (who was 0-4 in the previous Sanchez start), supplied one of the hits and added in a walk for good measure.  Unfortunately, the Nationals couldn't cash in, and failed to score a run in the game.  Mike Stanton, whom Bernadina robbed yesterday, decided not to test the Shark again and hit a long home run to left field, which was left unprotected with the Shark patrolling center (I am still a major proponent of putting the Shark in as a one-man outfield).  It was the only run allowed on the night by Livan Hernandez, but the Shark alone could not bring him the victory and the Nationals lost 1-0.

    The one good bit of news was that the Nationals tied a franchise record by playing 9 consecutive games without an error.  Just try to tell me that's not because of the Shark (who has started each of the last 7).

    The Nationals have one more game to redeem themselves tomorrow.  So Nationals... Shark Up or Ship Out!  Bernadina can't do this alone (well he can, but he shouldn't).  Whether this means the Nationals clone Bernadina 8 times like the Shanghai Sharks or if it just means they stop losing, make it happen.

    Also, at last count, Roger Bernadina and Yuniesky Betancourt were still tied for Web Gem of the Year on ESPN with 4200 votes cast!  If you haven't yet, go to http://espn.go.com/mlb/ and vote for the Shark now! (For instructions on where to find the poll, click here).

    Finally I leave you with this amazing photo by Shark fan @DCyetti (a rare and mythical creature in himself). If you remember from this years NBA Dunk Contest, Blake Griffin dunked over a car.  With last night's catch, I'm pretty sure the Shark topped that.  Thanks so much @DCyetti for the great shot from that previously unseen angle!  Is that Bernadina arch-nemesis BizarroShark (AKA Justin Maxwell) driving that car??

    I can't believe I missed that car in all the replays I watched.
    More to come.

    Saturday, May 14, 2011


    Attention Shark Fans

    We know that Roger Bernadina is capable of some amazing catches and some clutch hits.  And we all expect many more to come.  Since yesterday's game has inspired a whole new breed of Shark faithful, Sharkadina is going to try to ride this wave of interest to the max.  Never fear, I am not asking for money.  All I'm asking is for a little bit of time (which I suppose is money, if you believe in the 'time is money' cliche).

    1. Roger Bernadina's ridiculous catch is nominated for the early Web Gem of the Year.  It is up against a slick, but not electrto-sharking play by Yuniesky Betancourt. The task is simple!  Go to ESPN's MLB website, scroll down (on the left side), then vote for Bernadina's catch.  This is what you are looking for:

    It is so simple. At last check, they were each at 50% with 1,147 votes cast. You don't need to enter an e-mail address or anything.  Just go here and vote Shark!

    2. All Star Shark! I know that it is early and Bernadina has only played in 8 games this year, but let's get the Shark to the All Star Game.  Here is a link to the 2011 All Star Ballot.  When you scroll to the bottom, you will see a section for a write-in vote.  Fill it out accordingly...

    You can fill out the rest of the ballot as you will.  Or you don't have to fill anything else out (If you are not a baseball fan, a rule of thumb is vote for the Nationals players on the NL side (and the Tigers on the AL side)). You will have to register to vote (with your email) but then you are can vote up to 25 times, without having to select everyone again (MLB has actually made it easier).
    Make sure you uncheck the "I would like to receive commercial e-mails..." box
    It is really a win-win situation.  Even if he doesn't get selected, MLB will have to acknowledge the nickname with votes for "Roger the Shark Bernadina." (They already do for Phillies players, "The Flyin' Hawaiian" Shane Victorino, and "Doc" Roy Halladay...not fair)  I, for one, would love to see it say "the Shark" on the early voting results...  So if you don't mind one e-mail saying "Thank You for Voting," let's get the Shark to the All Star Game.

    I am already working on the marine life vote.  They are having problems with typing his name, but we are working on it.

    More to come.


    Well there you have it, Shark fans.  To anyone who has come to this blog (whether on accident or on purpose) and questioned Roger Bernadina's nickname, I hope that tonight has helped you come around.

    The Shark had a game to remember, offensively, defensively, and chain-link-fencively.  While the Nats couldn't pull out the victory, falling 5-4 to the Marlins in their third consecutive extra inning game, the Shark did his part.  I predicted earlier that the Shark was going to rudely welcome the Marlins to DC  and boy was I on the money for that one (ignore the fact that I claim similar things for the Nats opponent every game)!

    Offensively, the Sharkplug went 3 for 5, with a walk, 2 singles and a double. Did I mention that the double was of the game tying variety (clearly I didn't)?  Well it was.  Down by two in the forth, with ducks on the pond (a shark favorite) Bernadina crushed a double to left center to tie the game at 4.  To further embarrass the Marlins, he promptly stole third.  Tonights game brought his batting average up to a team high .320 (only Ryan Zimmerman (on the DL) and Jesus Flores (2 total ABs) have higher BA but they don't count at the moment) and his SB count to 4 (tied for 3rd most on the team).

    Defensively, the Shark set a standard for CF!  If you haven't already seen this video of "The Catch," you need to watch it now (or at least look at these frame by frame shots by the Nationals Enquirer).  With two on and two outs, Mike Stanton crushed a ball to deep center field.  Adam Kilgore's article describes what happens next well, "He bolted back, with time for maybe a dozen steps. “The only thing I could do is dive [like a shark],”Bernadina said. He soared, his body parallel to the ground [and his dorsal fin whistling through the air]. He snared the ball with the tip of his glove. As he crashed to the turf, white poked from the top of his black glove. The disbelieving crowd gasped, unsure how he had made that play." Roger Bernadina saved two runs and cemented his legacy as the Shark.  Seriously, watch "The Catch" now.

    While I missed hearing/seeing/following 'The Catch' live (I was at the Tigers/Royals game...), the reactions to "The Catch" helped me understand the sheer beauty of the play.   Here are a few of my favorite reactions-
    • @federalbaseball - OMS!! OMS!! Oh MY SHARK!! Roger "The Shark" Bernadina with a snow-cone catch at the track, robs Mike Stanton of RBI's and extra bases.
    • @DCmadness22 - Roger Bernadina's catch. Wow....
    • @im_dillard - Bernadina's catch gave me goosebumps. 
    • @ouij - SHARK! #nats what a catch
    • @GreatWhiteShark - I wish I was Roger Bernadina
    • @HammerheadShark - Me too RT @GreatWhiteShark I wish I was Roger Bernadina
    Chain-link-fencively, Bernadina's performance tonight has inspired a new fan (or at least acceptor) of the Shark nickname.  This is none other than MASN(the sports network that covers the Nats)'s Ben Goessling.  You may remember a couple of weeks ago when Goessling was searching for a Sharkadina explanation.  Thanks to all of you who messaged Ben... it appears that he has finally come around. Goessling posted this evening an open letter-esque blog entry addressed "Dear Sharkadina People." Unless there are others, I'm going to assume he is talking to Tyler and I(Terry)... Here is an excerpt from Ben's post: "So I'm here to tell you, Sharkadina People, that while I still think your nickname is a little odd, I'm getting on board... This will be an adjustment for me, so I ask for your patience. But after seeing that, I'm reconsidering acknowledging your Shark-love" It is a lovely read so if you have 85 seconds, you should check it out.

    Welcome aboard Ben.  Any and all are welcome on the Shark Express.  Next goal: Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post (if you saw his post, he didn't use any shark-puns or call Bernadina the Shark once in the whole article...Even after seeing "The Catch??"...Come on, Kilgore!)

    Finally, the below file photo shows that Bernadina does practice making catches.  Though, he usually has a softer landing.

     More to come.

    Friday, May 13, 2011

    Welcome to DC, Marlins

    Today, we've already established that Sean Burnett is not the Shark.  Because it is such a special day, and to prepare you for this weekend, I am posting again.  The Washington Nationals return home today facing the Marlins for the weekend series.  To any Marlins fans who stumble up this blog, Roger Bernadina has a message for you.

    Bring it.
    More to come.

    Sean Burnett is NOT the Shark

    'Blogger' is back at last, so I can finally post again.  Sadly, my drafts were deleted so I have to start yesterday's post from scratch.  Also, my post about Kevin James Robbing the Shark and a picture of the Shark in Disguise was deleted too.  Maybe I'll repost the pictures... still, lame.

    To catch you up.  In the final game of the 3 game series with the (formally-known-as) Braves, the Nats fell 6-5 in 10 innings.  The game started out promising.  The Shark led off with a single, stole second but was left stranded when the 2-4 hitters failed to drive him in.  Despite this missed opportunity, the Nats dominated for the first 6 innings with Jordan Zimmermann striking out 11 and the Nationals leading 5-1.

    And then things went down hill fast.  Sean Burnett decided to test the Shark's defensive skills by allowing a game-tying grand slam.  Bernadina, not expecting this traitor move, couldn't get to the ball in time.  The Nats then lifted the Shark (who also had a walk, SHARK OBP GOING UP) for a pinch hitter and it all fell apart, losing the game in the 10th.  After the game, Burnett said, "I was tired of everyone asking me if I am related to the Shark.  Just cause our last names both start with Burn...  I was weak for a moment.  It won't happen again... I'm sorry." Watch out Burnett, it's not smart to upset a Shark.

    Google Search of the Day:
    Someone found the Sharkadina Blog by searching "us army shark battle competition 2011."
    The US Army Shark Competition is an annual event where the entire US Army goes is pitted against Roger Bernadina.  Bernadina has won the competition going on 10 years in a row. Don't worry, no one is killed in the competition as the Army has never hit Bernadina and even so, the Shark goes easy on them.  Below is a photo from last years competition:
    Clever girl...
    Fantasy Baseball Freebies:
    • Never start a Starting Pitcher who is playing against the Shark.  Unless, for whatever reason, you want a high ERA and WHIP...
    • Roger Bernadina should be picked up in all fantasy leagues (especially 15 Team, NL-Only Leagues)!  It's hard to call him a sleeper because he's not a secret anymore, but if you are looking for Runs and SB, he's your shark.
    Other Shark News:
    The Atlanta Police Department has been reporting an increase in the amount of illegal graffiti all across the city.  Says Police Chief Norm Calwell, "Apparently it's 'cool' to 'tag' your 'hood' with the 'name' of your favorite baseball player. I can't wait until the Nationals leave town." It just goes to show that it is hard to quell a Shark fan's spirit
    Shark in the lower east side
    Shark in the middle to upper left side
    Shark in the Northwest Southeast docks
    More to come.

    Wednesday, May 11, 2011


    Fueled again by the Shark's presence, the Nationals pulled out an impressive come from behind 7-4 victory over the (formerly known as) Braves.  This game had it all (or some)!  It began as a pitching duel between John Lannan and Tommy Hanson.  Then, after falling behind 3-1, the Nats scored 2 in the ninth to tie the game, then, as if dropping a stick of dynamite in the water, blew the Braves apart with a 4-run 11th. They are now an impressive 3-1 since recalling the Shark from AAA Syracuse.

    The Shark, despite going 0-3, played better than his line looks.  Bernadina hit the ball hard twice, and was robbed of what could have been and inside-the-park home run by Kevin James (Eric Hinske).  The ball looked like it was going to drop until Hinske hopped on his Segway and with this unfair advantage, tracked down the ball.  Watch out, Kevin James!  Having a Shark for an enemy isn't going to make your movies any better.

    Eric Hinske drives after Roger Bernadina's long drive.
    Todd Coffey, who is known these days as the Megalodon Pitcher, continued his strike out prowess with 4 more Ks today.  That gives him 10 Ks in his last 4.2 innings... ridiculous.  The man is clearly sharked up and when a big man like that is sharking up, heads (and eyes) will roll.

    Question of the Day:
    @StacheOBally asks, "do sharks grow, feed on, or admire mustaches?"
    Answer: They wear them only when disguising as a human baseball player (and at costume parties, naturally).

    I thought there was a Great White Shark coming, but it's clearly just a mustached gentleman.
    More to come.

    Tuesday, May 10, 2011

    Atlanta Anything But Brave When Shark Comes to Town

    Well it seems like the Atlanta Braves Scaredy-Cats read this blog (I'm looking at you Freddie Freeman).  They must have seen this image from our post a couple of days ago and it clearly rattled them.  I can just picture them waking up in a cold sweat last night from Shark-induced nightmares.  The Braves got off to a rough start, mounted a noble comeback, but ultimately fell to The Shark and the Nationals, 7-6.

    It all started with Bernadina's first at bat.  He hit it directly at Freddie Freeman at 1st base and as Freeman started over to tag the bag, he made a fatal error.  He looked at The Shark barreling towards him down the first base line.  We all know that you should NEVER MAKE EYE CONTACT WITH A SHARK!  Freeman promptly dropped the ball and there are unconfirmed reports that he soiled himself.  Just a few minutes later, Bernadina stole second and the same exact thing happened to Brian McCann.  He literally dropped the ball out of fear.

    Offensively, The Shark reached base on that error and also had a walk, scoring runs both times.  He is really thriving in the leadoff spot and it seems like Riggleman agrees.  But it wasn't his offense that was impressive this game (he left that up to the rest of the outfield with Nix and Werth each hitting 3 run homers).  Tonight, Bernadina showcased his defensive prowess and why he is called "The Shark." (Do you understand now Ben Goessling?)

    In the bottom of the 7th, The Shark used his super speed and his Shark Cannon to gun down Frddie Freeman at 2nd base.  Freddie apparently walked back to the dugout muttering about having been "bitten by a shark," and his "nightmares came true," and saying that because of Bernadina he could "never go to the ocean or an aquarium ever again."  A little later in the 9th, with the game on the line, Brooks Conrad hits a hard fly ball into right center that looked like it may be a home run...but that ball might have well as been a bloody minnow in shark infested water, because The Shark devoured it right at the wall.

    After the game, a female reporter attempted to interview him, repeatedly calling out his name.  He just kept walking and said only this:

    More to come.  (Thanks to @Joined2readSVP for the pic)

    Shark News and Olds

    Some Shark News to help you make it until the Nats game at 7:05 PM...

    Hockey Sharks:
    The Detroit Red Wings have been battling the San Jose Sharks in the NHL playoffs recently.  After falling behind in the series 0-3, the Wings have fought back, winning their past two games while facing elimination.  The Sharks (of no relation to Bernadina, besides namesake(#10)) can't seem to put the Wings away.  Some credit can be given to the Red Wings and their veteran players.  More likely, the San Jose Sharks have jinxed themselves by refusing to call me back after I left hundreds of phone messages at the front office.  All I wanted was them to acknowledge that Roger Bernadina is the greatest Shark of all time. They wouldn't even give me the time of day!  Well, my San Jose chums, I hope you lose.  Maybe then you will learn some decency and acknowledge some random baseball fan.  Go Red Wings!

    Shark sighting in the Blog World:
    Patrick Neuman of the Washington Nationals Examiner wrote an article about the Shark entitled "How Roger Bernadina can win a job"  Neuman talks about how Bernadina is the frontrunner for the CF job of the future, with these next couple weeks being the defining factor.  He also mentions this Sharkadina blog calling Tyler and I "appropriately-dressed shark people" We've all seen what the Shark can do, so we can expect continued success when the Nats resume play tomorrow.  Sharks are the most deadly creatures on earth.  Bernadina is going to battle for this position and inevitably come out victorious.

    Other Sh**k:
    Local Police in the Miami and Atlanta areas have been reporting higher than normal instances of animal abuse.  It turns out that most of those reports are coming from the Florida Marlins and Atlanta Braves players stating that they are "getting their asses handed to them" by Roger Bernadina.  The Police Chiefs in both cities, too afraid to do anything, are asking citizens to only report animal abuse cases that involve dogs until The Shark is back in DC.

    Great...White Shark
    Let's see if anyone reads this...
    Bernadina and the Nationals kick off the series with the Braves tonight...

    More to come.

    Monday, May 9, 2011

    Nats Shark Off Loss, Eye Braves

    The taste of defeat is a bitter one.  It is the taste of decomposing fish mixed with burnt sienna hair.  Sadly, the Nationals had to taste that, losing 8-0 to Animal Sanchez and the Florida Marlins.  Despite the Shark's menacing presence, the Fish seemed to be prepared.  Secret Marlin spies swapped Roger Bernadina's normally potent bat with one soaked in Shark Repellent Bat Spray (clever on muliple levels if you click the link and recall).  Unfortunately, this plot was not uncovered until after the game, when it was too late.  The Nationals and Bernadina chose the high road and sharked it off.  They did, however, warn the Marlins front office that if they pull that sh**k again, Florida ace Josh Johnson will end up fish chum.

    Despite the lopsided loss, the Nationals did have a series of Shark-esque web gems.  Mako Morse, Danny ESP and Daddy Desmond all made terrific plays and credited the Shark's presence as their motivator.

    With an off day today, the ability to shark off yesterday's loss will help the Nats and the Shark arrive in Atlanta well rested and ready to feast on the Braves.  My shark friends, I have seen the future.  This is what is going to happen in Atlanta tomorrow.

    The Shark arrives in Atlanta
    Please note that only one player makes Atlanta's team name not seem ironic.  Mark my words, Brian McCann is going to sit perfectly still and hope Bernadina doesn't see him (Good luck...)

    More to come.

    Saturday, May 7, 2011


    I wrote earlier today that May 7th would be a day that lived in infamy.  I'm just going to go ahead and pat myself on the back, now.

    The Nationals pulled out a convincing 5-2 victory over the Marlins (and their second place NL East status) led by The Shark.  Leading off and playing CF, Roger Bernadina went 2 for 4 with 2 singles and a walk.  He also scored the first run of the game and stole the only base of the game. The rest of the Nats, inspired by the Shark's return, helped out as well, with Daddy Desmond and  Jerry Hairston each contributing 2 hits.

    Jayson Werth and Ian Desmond each had a sacrifice fly during the game.  In response, after the game, Marlins players Hanley Ramirez and Chris Coghlan sacrificed Wes Helms in the hopes that it would appease the Shark enough for him to go easy on the Marlins tomorrow.  Unfortunately for Helms, it won't work.

    The Great Werth had an outfield assist, gunning Mike Stanton at first as he rounded the bag a bit too far. "I was in awe of playing in the same field as the Shark.  I was looking at him to make sure he saw my single.  Did he see it?? Was he impressed?? Did he liiiiiiike ittt??" Stanton said when asked about the miscue.


    Print out this mask, color it, and then wear it to your next Nationals game!  I DESIGNED IT MYSELF!!

    Don't worry, it's Shark approved
    There is a new Sharkadina Downloads page!  All the wallpapers and coloring projects you could desire!

    More to come.

    A Date Which Will Live in Infamy....

    Today, May 7, 2011 - a date which will live in infamy. The Washington Nationals suddenly and deliberately, became a force to be reckoned with in the National League....

    At 7PM tonight, the Nationals play the second game of their three game series with the Marlins.  The Nationals won yesterday in 10 innings but seemed a bit short handed.  Tonight will be different.  The Nationals now have the Sharkplug back on the team.  We saw in spring training what Bernadina can do when pitted against the Fish.  And now, with The Shark in the lineup and starting in center field, we will see what he can do with the Marlins in the regular season.

    To catch up all the new Sharkadina followers (hi mom!)Roger Bernadina started the season in the minors, was called up when Daddy Desmond went on paternity leave(going 2 for 3 in the two games), was sent back to Syracuse (much to the chagrin of the Atlantic), and has now just been recalled, with the Nationals placing officially placing RicK AnKiel on the Disabled List.  Now the Shark is back and ready to hit his way into a full time starting role.

    Ideally, we will remember this day in history as the day that changed the Nationals forever.  All of Sharkadina Nation is rooting for the Shark and so too can YOU!

    Breaking News:
    Justin Verlander of the Detroit Tigers just threw a no hitter against the Toronto Blue Jays. Great job! The first thing Justin said after the game, "So glad the Shark's in the National League! Couldn't have done it otherwise... Thanks Roger!"

    Roger Bernadina reportedly met up with Chris Volstad this afternoon, although Volstad hasn't been seen since...

    Roger Bernadina pictured with Chris Volstad
     More to come.

    Friday, May 6, 2011

    Return of the Shark: Volume 2

    Adam Kilgore just reported "Rick Ankiel going to the DL? Roger Bernadina was pulled in the 4th inning in Syracuse, apparently without injury."

    Could this mean the Return of the Shark??  More details to come as they trickle in....ideally from the Shark himself!

    It has been confirmed!!!!!


    Update: Apparently the word has spread in the Nationals clubhouse and in an effort to prepare the way for the Shark, the Nats crunched the Marlins 3-2!  Adam LaRoche knew that Fish was the Shark's delicacy and served up the winning sacrifice fly.

    More to come.


    After a weekend beating up the 2010 World Champion Giants, the Nationals went into Philadelphia with high hopes. They had a .500 win record and had the confidence of Roger Bernadina.  And then the Phillies handed them 3 embarrassing lifeless and shark-less losses, topping it off with a gruesome 7-3 trouncing last night.  The Nats struck out 12 times in total including 3 from Layne NiKKKs.  Shockingly, none of those strike outs came at RicK AnKiel's expense (because he is still out after jamming his hand).  Injuries are not new to RicK AnKiel who has missed most of the last 3 seasons dealing with them.  Right now, AnKiel is expected to be back soon, but if a DL stint is in order, we will hopefully see The Shark back in Nats red.

    We are now past the 30 game mark for the season, and the Nationals starting outfielders are batting .232 or lower. Based off the stats on www.baseballreference.com, I will now give you some comparisons between the Nationals current outfield and the Sharkplug that is Roger Bernadina.
    • In 26 times more at-bats in the majors this season, Mako Morse (78 AB) has as many doubles as Roger Bernadina (3 AB).
    • Roger Bernadina has as many assists (4) for the Syracuse Chiefs as RicK AnKiel, Jayson Werth, and Mako Morse have combined.
    • Jayson Werth has infinitely more errors (3) than Roger Bernadina (0).
    • Mako Morse has 18 hits in 26 games played for the Nats.  Roger Bernadina has 19 hits in 19 games for the Nats and Chiefs.
    • Roger Bernadina has hit into zero double plays this season. Rick Ankiel (2), Mako Morse (2), and Jayson Werth(3) have combined for 7.
    • Roger Bernadina(2 games) has twice as many hits as Matt Stairs (18 games) has for the Nats this season.
    • Roger Bernadina has a 7 game hitting streak. Mako Morse has 4 hits in his last 7 games.
    • For the Syracuse Chiefs, The Shark has as many stolen bases (8) as RicK AnKiel, Jayson Werth, and Mako Morse have combined.
    Pay close attention to that last statistic.  The Shark had 2 more stolen bases last night.  Combined with Ian Desmond's apparent base stealing prowess, the Nats could be a running force to be reckoned with. 

    After the Chiefs game last night, scientists tested Bernadina and found that it was true. He is...

    The bull shark even had wheels!
    More to come.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2011


    For the second straight day, the baseball world was Shark-less....

    As expected, it sucked.

    The Syracuse Chiefs followed their rained out Tuesday game with a Wednesday off-day.  No vicious attacks (on baseballs and players) or amazing feats of power were reported. A day lacking Bernadina is a day worth forgetting.  The Nats lost 7-4 to the dreaded Phillies.  They are Shark-less and are not afraid to show it.  The game did have its moments, especially in the 9th, which included a Danny ESP 3-run home run and sharkingly, Matt Stairs putting a ball in play, snapping his 16 game hitless game streakJerry Hairston Jr, the starting CF for the game, went 0-4 with a K (filling in perfectly where Ankiel left off).  The final game of the Phillies series is tomorrow, so lets hope the Nats act more like a Great White than a minnow SO THEY CAN CRUSH THE PHILS.  I think that by now, you should know what my suggested solution will be.  Just to be safe...  PROMOTE THE SHARK!

    The one redeeming piece of today was this great article on Roger Bernadina.  The writer, Lindsey Kramer, apparently interviewed the Shark to write this article (which is a dangerous situation in itself).  Below are some highlights of the article.
    • "He got his love of baseball and a favorable set of athletic genes from his father, a big-time baseball player in that country, and his mother, a national-caliber softball player."
    • "[The Shark] had an interest in cooking growing up, and by the time he was in the lower minors he was a popular roommate for his ability to whip up a variety of Italian dishes, his specialty."
    • "Bernadina, signed by Montreal as a free agent in 2001, is the longest-tenured player in the organization."
    Like I said, the article was great.  If you have 94 seconds, I would really recommend checking it out.  Learn a few things about the Shark, and jump on the Bernadina/Shark bandwagon (especially you Ben Goessling).

    Who knows, maybe he'll cook you up something fiercely tasty....on the field?

    Shark is always ready with a meal.
    More to come.