Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunday in (Nats) Park with Sharks

Hello Shark Fans!  While Sharkadina is out of town, I am busy holding down The Shark fort here in DC.  I attended the vital "Save Nats Park" April 14 game with Jumpin' Zac Flash where we valiently fought off hordes of ugly Phillie fans to show our support of the Nats and The Shark.

I also had tickets to see my home-state team the Milwaukee Brewers on Saturday and Sunday.  As we all know, Saturday got rained out so the Nationals played a double header yesterday.  I went with "ElizaShark" and we enjoyed the first game and the start of the second game in perfect baseball weather.

I wanted to give some of my observations from this week of Shark-less baseball at Nats Park:
  •  I'm so glad that Espinosa is now batting lead-off.  Desmond's slump has been especially frustrating because I inexpliciably drafted him for my fantasy team.
  • The other frustrating thing is how AWFUL Mike Morse is playing.  It seems like he "jumped the shark" when they named him everyday LF two weeks into Spring Training.
  • For all the emphasis that Rizzo placed on defense in the off-season it is hard to see that on the field (especially the outfield), but Adam LaRoche has made some sweet plays at first that Dunn could never pull off in a million years.
  • For as much as I HATE the Phillies (and their fans), Cliff Lee pitched a great game Thursday night.  What was even more impressive was J-Zimm hanging in there with him through 5.
  • I will yell "Bring Back Peaches" every time Clippard comes out of the bullpen.  Regardless of a crappy warm up song, he sure is looking great on the mound.  I cringe when Slaten, Gaudin, or Broderick come out.
  • The first game on Sunday was one of the most fun I've been to at Nats Park- I think a combination of the weather and the double header increased attendance.  The Nats brought their offense and really got the crowd going!
  • Finally, I am still holding out hope that the Shark will be called up soon.  If he keeps doing well in Syracuse and Ankiel, Morse, Nix, and Stairs keep disappointing, it is only a matter of time.
More to come.

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  1. I do hate Clippards worm up song but it's good luck!
    - twitter account natsgrl1