Tuesday, April 12, 2011


When the Phillies come to town, the Nationals are ready to play.  Washington defeated Philadelphia 7-4 with the help of a strong pitching performance by Livan 'Lionhearted' Hernandez and The Great WerthRicK AnKiel earned the K's in his name with 2 more in a 1-5 performance.  Like I said before, nothing better than a defeated Phillie Fan and everyone at the game today got to experience that pure joy.  Interesting thing to note: for the season thus far, the Phillies team has a batting average of .334, WHICH IS 117 POINTS HIGHER THAN THE NATIONALS (.217)!!!  When the Shark is finally promoted, we can expect that batting average to go up.  Still, a VERY satisfying victory.

Ryan Zimmerman's abs were the talk of the town yesterday.  After straining his abdomen over the weekend, he was placed on the Disabled List this morning.  While many were hoping that the Nationals were going to promote The Shark, this did not happen.  Rather, they promoted Jesus Flores, and his 2 hits all season from Syracuse.  I'm as surprised as (literally) EVERYONE else is.

Bernadina, cool as a cookie cutter shook it off, saying "Sh**k happens, man."

Like any good teammate, Roger Bernadina offered to take Flores to the airport.  Strangely, Flores hasn't been seen since...

Some good news is that Bernadina returned to Syracuse after missing several games due to "family issues."  Some bad news is that the game today was cancelled so we will have to wait one more day to get some Shark stats on this blog.  Let the season begin!

More to come.

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  1. The real Opening Day is tonight/today for Sharkadina. Will we see The Shark in some Syracuse Chiefs' duds or is that sacrilege for The Shark?