Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Shark 'Fin'ally Debuts for Nationals

Tonight was the night that everyone has been waiting for....  (Everyone, even you sir, ye who has never read this blog before)Roger "The Shark" Bernadina was back with the Nationals at last!  It was a fine spring evening in Washington and a beautiful night for baseball (I was fortunate enough to follow the game on my phone in the basement as tornado sirens wailed).  From what I saw, the fans could feel the buzz in the air... The Sharkplug was back and it was to be a night to remember.

But then... Riggleman didn't start Bernadina, and his Shark power was limited from the bench.  Jordan Zimmermann started for the Nationals tonight, giving up 5 runs to the Mets.  A Shark-less outfield didn't help... Jayson Werth committed his 2nd error in 2 days, and Mako Morse was two steps short of robbing the Josh Thole of a double and the Mets of 2 runs (Shark makes that catch 10/10 times).  For the first 8 innings, the outfield was in shambles

Then, something changed.  The Shark took over for Mako in left field after a bunt single to start the 9th.  From that point on, the Mets clearly feared hitting the ball in the outfield, lest they be eaten.  Sadly, they didn't need to get the ball out of the infield to add a run.  For whatever reason, Sean Burnett (probably in a strange and pathetic attempt to impress the Shark) hit two batters, and allowed a run on a groundout leaving the score 6-4. The Shark was helpless.  In the bottom of the ninth, Bernadina did get an at bat, but because David Wright was doped out of his mind on "Black Magic" and happened to raise his glove hand just as the ball was coming, the Shark went unrewarded in his debut.

Additional SharkNotes:
  • Wilson Ramos had the opportunity to chat with the Shark before the game... Anyone watching the game could tell.... The Rhino went 3 for 4 with 2 HR and 3 RBIs
  • The Shark won today's battle against BizarroShark (Justin Maxwell) in the race to see who gets the call to The Show first. Point - Bernadina
  • To all those who doubted me when I claimed Bernadina was being promoted, "Shark it!"
  • As expected, Roger Bernadina made a grand entrance at the ballpark tonight:
Bernadina jumped from an airplane at 30,000 feet.
All of DC felt the impact, especially Jose Reyes who was badly burned.
The Shark appeared, pointed at the Mets bench and mouthed, "I'm back."
All in all, the night had it's ups and downs.  Let's hope The Shark gets the start tomorrow so he can shred the Mets like fresh grated Parmesan on piping hot Spaghetti Carbonara in a microwavable safe Tupperware.

More to come.


  1. Holy carp. That picture of the shark descending is so replacing my desktop background.

  2. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_ZDk2ChCRqiM/TFz6T7Af9uI/AAAAAAAABDI/OS1Tld8wQ0M/s1600/shark+tattoo4.jpg

    one of you needs to get that. except on your face.