Saturday, April 23, 2011


With the Nationals/Pirates and the Chiefs/Yankees games rained out, it was a sad day in Sharktown.  Not really.  It was probably beneficial to get a extra day of rest after the shutouts on Thursday.  The Shark will return today, strong and ready to destroy the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre Yankees (What a ridiculously long name for a minor league baseball team's town's name).  As yesterday's game was rained out for Syracuse, the Chiefs will play a doubleheader, meaning it will be double the pleasure for the Shark.

He's gonna turn Scranton/Wilkes-Barre into fish chum, making a mess out of the team.
I didn't want to make the picture to bloody.  Billboard though? Hmm..
In an effort to keep this blog up to date, and to try something new, I am going to update throughout the day, so keep checking back to discover how the Shark is doing up to the minute.

4:35 EST Shark walks! Have you ever seen a shark walk? Be more impressed. Chiefs up 1-0

12:27 EST  Happy Easter.  I guess I am a big liar.  I only updated once.  The Nationals, without the Shark to push them to victory, lost to Pittsburgh 7-2.  To Pittsburgh?  Come on.  Bring on the Shark and bring on the victories.   The Great Werth had a home run, hopefully meaning he will break out of his early season woes.  (His home run did help my fantasy team have a ridiculous .475-12-7-12-1 today)

Like I said earlier, Syracuse had two on the vine today.  They lost the first game 4-2, because the Yankees has drugged Bernadina (who went 0-3) to the point of exhaustion.  He recovered in the second game to bat a smooth .500, with a double.  He bit the Yanks apart, like the picture shows, and tomorrow, I expect more of the same.

That said, I will be spending time with the family tomorrow, so post will be short...if existent.  Sorry, lone reader.

More to come. (real posts again after tomorrow)

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