Friday, April 8, 2011

Shark Scares a Ray; Still MIA

The Shark-less Nationals just spoiled the Mets home opener to improve to 3-4 on the season!  Pudge's surprising 2 RBI single in the eighth and the awesome pitching by the Peach-less Clip sealed it.  But that's not the big story today...

Manny Ramirez retired today after testing positive for "performing enhancing drugs." Allegedly, the Tampa Bay Rays player tracked down Bernadina and asked him for some of his "Shark Sweat."  An anonymous reader sent in this photo of the two meeting:

Of course, The Shark would never help out an opposing player and he denied Manny's request.  Manny was not only upset, but realized that he, as a mere Ray, would never be able to compete with the fearsome Shark.  So, it was not "performing enhancing drugs," but rather embarrassment and fear that drove Manny to retirement- which baseball player/sea creature will be next?

In other news, Bernadina was still nowhere to be found today at the Syracuse Chief's game.  Maybe the Shark is taking a few days to take a vacation and see the sights in San Francisco?

Or possibly hanging out with Stephen Baldwin in Venice?
More to come.

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