Monday, April 4, 2011


The Washington Nationals have a day to travel today before kicking off a series with the Marlins (without Shark assistance) tomorrow night.  Since there are no Shark related conspiracies or terrible defensive alignments to report about, I'd like to take a moment to talk about what it is like to be a shark fan.

Everyone is always asking us (no one has ever asked us) how to become better Shark Fans. "You guys are more popular than Justin Beiber," they say, "Jumbotron recognition thrice? Wowwww. How can I be a part of this amazing tradition??"

So here is a break down of what it takes to be a Shark fan:

1. You have to at least kinda like the player Roger Bernadina and accept his nickname as The Shark.

Voila, you are a Shark fan!

Here are some optional ways to display your fanhood:

1. Wear a fan hood (Shark style is ideal)
2. Own a Bernadina Shirt

Follow those simple steps to be the best Shark fan ever.

The following are some other well known Shark fans:

Barack Obama is a Shark fan!
He's afraid to admit it...but AnKiel is a HUGE Shark Fan!
Can you spot the Shark fan in this picture?
 No matter what, Shark fans are happy fans!

More to come.


  1. Question: As a shark fan, when do I know If I've jumped the shark?

  2. Let's say I rooted for UNLV growing up. Would I be subconsciously rooting for the future Shark in the space time continuum?