Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our long Nationals nightmare is over...

THE SHARK IS BACK!  We all expected him to be called up soon, either because of his ferocious play in Syracuse, or the lackluster play of the current Nats outfield, but no one expected the reason to be Ian Desmond's wife getting knocked up.  We should all send her flowers when she delivers the new baby.  Maybe Ian will name the little one Sharkadina Desmond (I think that works for both a boy or a girl?)

Well, anyway, we need to enjoy this Sharktime while it lasts.  Our own Sharkadina is still out of town, but I (Tyler) will be there tonight in Shark attire to welcome him home.  I hope he can get a couple of plate appearances and show the home town crowd what he is made of and prove once and for all, the ShAAArk is no more!

Read Goessling's take here.  He call's Bernadina the "safe choice" to get called up.  While he may be safe, the Mets and Chris Young have suddenly found themselves in the most dangerous place in the country- a Shark infested Nats Park!

See you at the game tonight!

More to come.

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