Sunday, April 17, 2011

News on the Shark Front

The Shark-less Nationals erupted for 8 runs in the first game of a Sunday doubleheader against the Brewers today in NatsTown.  The 8-4 trouncing included three-run home runs from sharked-up Pudge (Ivan Rodriguez) and ESP (Danny Espinosa) and a solo shot from Ian Desmond (who appears to be breaking out of Nationals Park hitters block).  The second game began as a pitching duel until ESP broke it open with a 3-run triple (I need to pick this guy up on my fantasy team, Chone Figgins sucks...).  The Nationals ended up winning 5-1, sweeping the series.  Tyler was fortunate enough to attend the doubleheader so expect a more in-depth shark-nalysis of the games soon.

Meanwhile, in Syracuse, the AAA Chiefs (who as we know are currently starring Roger Bernadina) dropped their last two games against the Lehigh Valley IronPigs (the AAA team of the Phillies...ugh).  Sadly and shockingly, the IronPigs had the Shark's number, holding him to just a single in eight at-bats.  He also struck out too many times.  This, however, can be traced to a hit by pitch which distracted and infuriated the Shark.  The pitcher claimed to have never before pitched to a sea carnivore and threw the ball right at Bernadina's face.

The Shark did get even when the IronPig's mascot ran on the field for a dance in the middle of the 8th.  Bernadina surprised and invigorated the crowd when he made an appearance of his own.

Wasn't Roger Bernadina human sized before?
More Shark news:
  • Fresh off the box office success of Soul Surfer, Roger Bernadina is already working on another blockbuster.  From the director of Snakes on a Plane, Shark Night 3D is set to debut September 14th.  Apparently, the movie is the true story of the night Roger Bernadina was told he was demoted to the minors...
  • Bernadina's push to ban the trade of shark fins (finning) has gained momentum recently.  Finning is the brutal act of cutting off the fins of live sharks, then tossing the suffering sharks back into the ocean to die slowly.  When asked about it, Bernadina stated, "I want the natural order to return where the only thing hunting down sharks is me."
  • National Geographic's Shark Men is gaining popularity.  To date, only one episode has involved Bernadina.  The group attempted to track and tag The Shark, but it became quickly apparent that Bernadina was tracking them.  The show aired the following week with an entirely different cast.
The Shark and the Chiefs kick off another series against the PawSox tomorrow while the next game for the Nationals is against the Cardinals in St. Louis.  This will be a bittersweet series, as "The Shark" debuted against the Cardinals last August and Bernadina will be in Pawtucket... sad.

More to come.

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