Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nats Starve Without The Shark to Eat Marlins

Hello Loyal Shark Fans,

This is TyInDC coming to you live from DC.  Sharkadina has left the District temporarily, but I will be here with you bringing you in-person updates through April and May from NatsTown. (Sharkadina will still be blogging, just unable to attend games)  I, like the rest of NatsTown, am extremely disappointed in tonight's game (Washington loses 3-2 in 10 innings)WE SHOULD HAVE WON THIS GAME.

Stay with me here as I make a case for Roger "The Shark" Bernadina in this game:

1) Bernadina makes a better lead-off hitter than Desmond or Espinosa (and an infinitely better one than Hairston and Cora). "Roger Bernadina had a year very similar to Morgan's last year in terms of average and OBP, and was 16-for-18 in stolen base attempts." (Source) He gets on base and when he does, he's deadly on the basepaths (AnKiel stole a base today. His batting average is .083).  The Shark is arguably the fastest person on the 40-man roster.

2) Bernadina would NEVER have dropped that ball that Werth did to cost them the game.  DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

3) Bernadina would have made a spectacular diving catch to save the game in the 10th.  He has done it many times before.  That's WHY he is called The Shark.  Hairston cannot come close to his defensive prowess (he's only 5' 3'' after all) .  Neither can AnKiel, Werth, Morse, or Nix.

4) Bernadina may not be a power hitter YET, but ricK anKiel continuing to striKe out is getting old. (2 today)

5) Bernadina would be better coming off the bench than Nix, Cora, and Stairs (so far).

Yes, this is a more serious post for the Sharkadina blog, but I am seriously upset that we lost this game and seriously believe that Bernadina could have made a difference and we would have won with him.  Sharks eat Marlins like they are snack food!

Leave your opinion in the you think Rizzo/Riggleman should LET SHARK PLAY?

Yours always,


More to come.

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