Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nationals Skewered by Marlins, Bernadina Disappointed

As the Nationals hung their heads in shame after losing 7-4 to the Marlins yesterday, a glimmer of hope remained in their eyes.  Sure, the game was sloppy.  The Nationals led 4 to nothing going into the 5th inning when everything unraveled.  The game quickly became tied and then by the 7th, the Nationals were down 6-4.  Todd Coffey was ejected, RicK AnKiel (.133 BA) and Mako Morse (.118 BA) went a combined 1 for 7.

After the game Jim Riggleman said, "I just want to apologize to all the Nats fans out there who were expecting more from us this season.  We all make mistakes.  I will never forgive myself unless the Shark is back soon.  I will not rest!"  When told that he had the power to bring the Shark back, Riggleman exclaimed, "Really?  How come no one told me this before?"  Everyone just stared blankly at him.

Roger Bernadina was not pleased with the Nationals anemic performance.  When cornered for questioning, The Shark devoured the reporters.

Many of you are asking, what about that glimmer of hope that you talked about? The Syracuse Chiefs kick off the 2011 season tonight against the Buffalo Bisons.  BERNADINA will be playing!  Meaning... we will actually have more real information on Bernadina soon!  Can you dig it? 

Prediction time:  Barring any injuries, Roger Bernadina will be called up April 13th.  That will give him a week in the minors to display his skills, and give the Nats outfield enough time to show they need him. Can you dig it??



I can dig it.  But I would dig it even deeper if I knew the Shark would be playing.

Something pointless.  Can you guess which US city I'm in?
This 1778 painting of a Roger Bernadina feeding frenzy is prominently displayed in this city's Museum of Fine Arts
This X will be here until Roger Bernadina plays in this city's baseball stadium
More to come.

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