Thursday, April 21, 2011

Double Shutout, Oh My Gosh!

What does this mean?  What does this mean!!

The Nationals and the Chiefs both played day games today....  First the Nationals.  Following yesterday's trend of very few hits in a game, they managed only 2 hits against Kyle Lohse (Tyler and I caught a foul ball hit by Kyle Lohse in the first game we ever attended wearing Shark hoods.  Clearly, this knowledge seems to have given Lohse a boost of energy, so I apologize Nats fans...) and lost 5-0.  The two hits belonged to Mako Morse and Jayson Werth, which helped boost their batting averages to .209 and .196, respectively... Incredible production from the power spots in the outfield.... Somehow, Kyle Lohse himself had half as many hits as the Nationals managed. Wow...

Cardinals manager, Tony LaRussa approached Jim Riggleman after the game and thanked him profusely for not promoting the Shark before this series, "Jim, you are a gentleman and a scholar for not playing the Shark. If I didn't know any better, I'd think you were trying to lose! Haha!...haha...ha?" Hmm...

Meanwhile, in Pawtucket, the Chiefs lost 14-0.  No, you didn't misread that.  Fourteen to zero. FOURTEEN!?!? WHAT?? Garrett Mock was pretty much a complete disaster, walking 7 batters, and allowing 8 runs in 2 innings... Yikes.  Roger Bernadina went 1 for 3 and now has a four game hitting streak.   Also, he is now batting .290 on the season (69 points higher than RicK AnKiel).  He was the lone bright spot that was otherwise a Supernova of a disaster of a game.  Then, after the game, he devoured Garrett Mock.  It's time to get Bernadina back to where he belongs because Nationals + Shark = Winners.

The lone bright spot of the day is that I finished watching Shark Swarm.  Because SyFy uses CGI to create the sharks, it was starting to look like a triple shutout as Roger Bernadina was no where to be seen!  Then boom went the dynamite and the Shark appeared in his full glory suddenly making the movie something watchable.  I later felt like a complete idiot when I saw the DVD cover.  Of course Bernadina was going to be in the movie!

Hopefully things will go better tomorrow.  It's Friday. Gotta get down on Friday...

Breaking News: BIXLER?!?!!  BIXLER?!!  WHERE'S THE SHARK LOVE?! (Jesus Flores sent down, Brian Bixler promoted)

More to come.


  1. It doesn't matter if Shark is batting 200 points over Ankiel, he's in another league. Literally. Welcome to AAA pitching.

    Fielding prowess, however, can easily translate to the majors. Can't argue against Shark's advantage there. How's his arm?

  2. It is interesting to look at AAA teams and see the number of former Major Leaguers, even former all stars. The pitching as a whole is worse though, so fine.

    His arm is a cannon. Imagine a Shark with a cannon for an arm. deadly