Thursday, April 14, 2011


If you remember from a few days ago, today, April 13th was the day that I predicted that Roger Bernadina would be called up from the minors (I guess I can't dig it...). Sharkboy oh boy, could the Nationals have used The Shark tonight.  After getting shut out 8 innings by the seemingly immortal Roy Halladay, the Nationals summoned the spirit of the Shark in an attempt to once again stun the Phillies.

Unfortunately, after scoring 2 runs, to pull within one run of tying, Matt Stairs (still batting .000) and Ivan Rodriguez (say it ain't so Pudge) struck out to end the game.  That left the score 3-2 and the season series 1-1.  The Shark's spirit can only go so far, friends.   

Dear Nationals, summon the Shark from the minors if you want consistent victories....

Interestingly, the Shark's 2011 season in the minor still has yet to begin.  The game was "rained" out. (despite predictions of blue skies).  My best guess is that the "rain" was actually the tears of the PawSox, who were too afraid to play and were praying that the Shark would be called up to the Nationals before the game. CONSPIRACY!

It's been a tough day.  The best way to cope is to sit back and enjoy the little things....

Landshark Lager and Shark Bites
Breaking news:  Roger Bernadina was apparently hanging out on an Australian golf course.  This article uses just about every shark pun ever...  Still I would love to play golf here.  Chip it in the water, and say hi to the Shark!

More to come.


  1. Hey Shark,

    how would you like to come to California and speak out for the sharks with gills?
    We could put you in a cage, help tag a shark and film you in support of the shark conservation work.
    Check it out at

    Maybe bite the Giants,

  2. @Sea Steward
    What the heck man? There was nothing at that link. I think I have been Punked.

    I continue to wonder exactly why Matt Stairs is on this team. He can't play defense. He is old. And now he has decided that the bat weights too much for him to actually swing it.