Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sharks in King Arthur's Court (I mean Nationals Park)

As Nationals players, fans, coaches and mascots prepare for today's game after a long night at NatsFest (which I think ended at 8), the question remains about the March 31st showers, which while they may bring April 30th flowers, could also postpone Opening Day in DC.  At this point, it appears that the game is going to go on as scheduled and the Sharkadina Duo will be there.  (Thank god for our 100% authentic Shark-skin hoods which fleck off water like milk on rubber).

While news that Obama won't be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch is not really "new"s at this point, he finally did give his reasoning, "No Shark, no Barack. I won't even follow the score of any game that Bernadina is not playing in.  The Shark and I go way back.  I saw him play once."  It's definitely not good PR for the Nationals but at least he was straight with them.

NatsFest was wildly successful yesterday.  And by wildly, I mean mildly.  No fewer than 4 people asked about the Shark hoods, which we explained was Bernadina's nickname.  And voila, just like that, after $20 spent on tickets, $19 on food, and $6 on 2 "Shreech in a baseball egg" plushes later, 4 more people know Bernadina's nickname.  Therefore, the per capita cost of spreading the Shark nickname is $11.25.  Worth it?

Bryce Harper playing in the Guitar Hero tournament brings back memories of Joel Zumaya missing games in the 2006 playoffs due to a Guitar Hero related injury. He hasn't pitched the same since.  Be careful Bryce...

Even kids are getting in on the Shark action (mind you, we brought them along)
Mini-Sharks at NatsFest 2011
Keep an eye out for the Sharkadina Duo at today's game in the left field Shark Tank!  Right behind shark-sub Mako Morse.

More to come.