Saturday, March 19, 2011


The Nationals suffered another humiliating Spring Training loss today (THEIR SIXTH IN A ROW)!  The Shark subbed in late in the game (when the game was already out of reach).  It was the 4th straight game that Bernadina didn't start.  I did a little research and found out something interesting.  So far this Spring, in games that the Shark starts, the Nationals are a very respectable 6-2.  When he doesn't start, they are a dismal 4-9.  So what if his stats of late haven't glistened as brightly, the fact is:


If he doesn't start tomorrow, I will be stunned and upset because 1) I'm watching the game (which is against the Tigers!) and 2) because, like I just proved, the Shark is winner and the Nationals would be losers not to start him. Literally.

That could be the Nationals 2011 World Series Trophy in the Shark's hand.

More to come.

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