Monday, March 14, 2011


The battle for center field has been raging the past two days in Florida!  Roger Bernadina, Rick Ankiel, and Nyjer Morgan all started on Sunday, and the Shark and Nyjer both played today.
Stats since Sunday: Rick Ankiel - 2/5 4 RBIs, Nyjer Morgan - 2/7 2 SB, The Shark - 2/5.  Clearly, it remains a tight battle...

But more importantly, how did they perform after the games?  Created specifically to show off Bernadina's skill set, Mike Rizzo set up an afternoon to remember. Below are the results of the:

1st Annual Washington Nationals Spring Training Shark Riding Contest for Outfielders Competing for the Starting Center Fielder Position...For the Washington Nationals.

First off was Nyjer Morgan. Although his spritely demeanor would lead one to believe he would succeed in such an outrageous competition, he wussed out and clung to the shark like a lamprey on a baby koala. Needless to say, he lost the contest...and a leg?

Rick Ankiel went next and was terribly unsuccessful.  After barely clinging to the dorsal fin for 20 seconds, he let go and was quickly sucked into a nearby submarine's propeller.

As expected, Roger Bernadina performed admirably in the contest.  After swimming along side the Whale Shark for several miles, he gracefully grabbed hold, and mounted like a well tenured jockey.  He also satisfied everyone's longing to see some majestic shark on shark action.

Bernadina won this contest.  Now let's see him win center field.

More to come.

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  1. This stuff is awesome, bro. You got to get Steinberg to generate some traffic for y'all. Plus work out a sponsorship deal with The Shark himself. This thing is already one of the best fansites at Nats Park.