Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shark Encounters of the Third Kind

Hello Loyal Shark Fans!  Your normal Blogger/Shark Photoshop King couldn't make it tonight, so this post is by his partner in crime, Tyler.  You can see me in our new photo to the left under the polls- I am in the sweet Mouth Man Shark Hoodie, which is the closet you can become to being a Shark without being Roger Bernadina.  You could also try out the Bernadina T-Shirt Jersey that Terry is sporting, but it isn't as cool because it doesn't have gills.

The Shark has not been seeing as much action as I hoped the past couple of weeks in Spring Training, but on Friday he had an RBI single to tie the game against the Cardinals, and he had the most amazing Shark-like catch in the 8th to basically save the game.  I would like to see Rick Ankiel do that (he can't).

To celebrate the win on Friday and the Nats 10-0 win over the Astros on Saturday, The Shark decided to go for a swim off the coast of Florida, before he has to head back up to DC this week.  He was caught on film saying Hi to a nice kayaker who was confused and thought he was in McCovey Cove hoping to catch a home-run ball.  Luckily, The Shark was able to give him directions to San Francisco (via the Panama Canal)

NatsFest, where we hope to finally meet The Shark in person, is only 3 Days away and the following day is Opening, where we will be sitting in The Shark Tank in left-center field!

Much more to come.

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