Friday, March 11, 2011

Shark Autograph!

With the 2011 autograph season right around the corner, early autograph seekers are hounding players at Spring Training for their signatures.  One most sought after John Hancocks this season is that of the Shark, Roger Bernadina.  While I do not have a Shark autograph (although I would love to get one. Can someone help with that?), my friend Zane has one on his arm, of which I am terribly jealous.  Some Spring Training attendees who are fortunate enough to have a Bernadina autograph have provided me with some images of his famous "sharkniture" (this could also be shark furniture?).
This fan got an autograph on her back
Surfboard signature!
Sometimes he will even sign his brethren!
Also!!! Roger Bernadina had a great game last night.  Playing in the night game of the Nationals split squad double header, the Shark led off and played left field.  While Washington ended up losing 6-5 to the Astros, Bernadina did his part to help them win.  Down by 3 runs in the 7th, Shark hit a two run triple, then proceeded to score on an Espinosa single to tie the game.  He also showed his defensive prowess, gunning down Jason Michaels at the plate earlier in the game.

Nice work Shark! Now, how about an autograph?

More to come.

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  1. Is shark playing tonight? I heard that he has to eat about 170 tons of sardines to help clear that marina.