Wednesday, February 9, 2011


There are a ton of sharks out there, but Roger Bernadina is by far the most ferocious.  You need proof?

Angel Shark: Christopher Lloyd with fins
Basking Shark: The only thing they should bask in is Bernie's glory
Blacktip Reef Shark: Way too specific of a name for an animal.
Blue Shark: Way too generic of a name
Bull Shark: Cross breeding different classes of animals is dangerous and disgusting
Cookiecutter Shark: Really?
Goblin Shark: Too much D&D
Great White Shark: Kick ass and most similar to Bernadina
Hammerhead Shark:  Josh Willingham was traded... DON'T CARE!
Mako Shark: If this type of shark wasn't so obscure, maybe Mike Morse could have been something.
Sandtiger Shark: Uses its color to hide, probably a pushover
Spiny Dogfish Shark:  What did I say about crossbreeding?
Thresher Shark: Bernadina won't be on the threshold of unknown for long
Whale Shark: Just a confused fish
Roger Bernadina: One bad ass, rock star, hero of a Nationals outfielder

Roger Bernadina is going to be huge this year.

More to come.

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  1. sharks are very dangerous and I read your article and I think you know more things about sharks keep it up