Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Within 24 hours of my previous post, Roger Bernadina arrived at the Washington Nationals Spring Training Camp.  All I can say is best case scenario (see previous post). THE SHARK IS HUGE!  Apparently, Bernie has been working out like crazy this offseason (twice a day, six times a week), and has added on 10 pounds of muscle.  Look at this picture.
His left arm is the same size as my head!  The man is gigantic.  I think this is wonderful news for all of those Shark fans who were worried if he would show up ready to win the LF job.  I'm personally feeling giddy about this.

More good news, Bernadina fits in better with the Street Sharks from the 90's kids show.

Except Bernadina might be even more ripped.

More to come.