Friday, February 11, 2011

Shark Heads

The original shark costumes (made by our good friend Brooke. Shout out), were designed and used for a play performed by children (I think it was called Pirate Kids and the Search for Long John's Silver or something like that). Since most of us don't have time to construct full body shark outfits, here are some ideas for some shark headgear to support Roger "The Shark" Bernadina.  Fun and simple ways to support The Shark while sacrificing your pride.

Shark Attack! Your head is the ball and Bernadina is gonna catch it.  You don't have to look happy wearing it either, especially if you vaguely look like an angry version of my cousin-in-law...

Apparently, you have to be a ghost to wear this one, but the giant fish eyes make it worth it.

One for the kids.  Clearly homemade, the shark eating this poor child.  Probably the most realistic looking shark out of the bunch, though.

I think this one is really cute, but it really doesn't instill fear in the heart of Bernadina's opponents.  Still, the bright blue is a nice change of pace from the drab grays seen above

For the tiny ones!  Also, as a warning, pictures you post of your baby online can be found on Google and placed in random blogs like this one.

 Shark fin attached to a headband.  Fun for baseball games or just to keep your hair back.

One of my personal favorites.  Not only is it a shark but it has the Nationals logo on it.  Apparently, it is supposed to look like one of those intimidating WWII planes, but I think the Nationals organization is just to proud to admit that it digs the shark nickname.

This is another one of the original hoods as sported by Julia.  Easily the coolest of the headgear.  The lower jaw is my favorite part as it really brings the whole costume together.

Headgear is as fashionable as it is practical.  Go Shark!

More to come.


  1. I see that baby shark hats are very popular. Does that mean that you'll be gifting any in the near future?

  2. Look who's trying to cash in on Sharkamania:

  3. Hello, I am a writer for Shark Week on the Discovery Channel. We'd love to feature these images in a post. Mind emailing me at for more info?