Saturday, February 26, 2011


Raise your voices, Shark fans!

There has been recent speculation about Bernadina starting the year in the minors.  This is fueled by a recent Adam Kilgore article about the outfield competition (My more detailed opinions on the article are in the comments section of this post). LET SHARK PLAY

While this wouldn't ruin everything, this would be a major damper on the campaign to get Roger "The Shark" Bernadina the recognition he deserves.  Shark fans, I need your help!  Just as Rocky Balboa is seen doing above, let your angelic voices be heard.  Chant the phrase, "Let Shark Play!"  It is simple, to the point, and well, simple.

Whether you are walking down the street, waiting to check out at the grocery store, or alone in your cell, start chanting, "Let Shark Play, Let Shark Play!"  Just like the cliche "slow clap," you will surely start a trend which will tear through society making it all the way to the Washington Nationals.  Don't let the Nats make the biggest mistake of any of our lives. LET SHARK PLAY

Winston knows what he's talking about.
More to come.

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  1. As the Spring Training games get under way, and the outfield competition heats up in Florida sun, there has been some recent "speculation" that Roger Bernadina may start the season in the minors. This speculation stems from the recent article by Adam Kilgore. In a nutshell, Kilgore discusses the outfield situation with Rick Ankiel, Mike Morse, and Bernadina. Rick Ankiel signed a Major League contract this offseason, meaning he is guaranteed money. Morse has a huge upside and a lot of power. Bernadina, meanwhile, missed his opportunities and can be sent to the minors, without the worry of another team claiming him. Kilgore also mentioned Matt Stairs, and how he should make the team.

    Whoa, whoa, whoa...

    Rick Ankiel? Really? "Ankiel hits for more power," according to Kilgore. Rick Ankiel hit 6 home runs last year, and 11 the year before that. More power? The Shark hit 11 last year. Anything Rick can do, Shark can do better. (Yes, Ankiel hit 25 HRs in 2008, but he was heavily protected in the lineup, and I'm pretty sure Albert Pujols hit half of them for Rick) Ankiel is a great comeback story, after failing to throw a strike as a pitcher in 2000, then becoming an outfielder with some pop. That said, he has no place in the Nationals outfield.

    MATT STAIRS! WHAT?! @_@ Why do you want him on your roster? He's so so old (also, when he played for the Tigers, it was the worst thing ever). But, you may argue, he has the most pinch-hit homeruns ever. Well that's because he's played a thousand more years than any other person in history. If the Nationals are looking for experience and leadership, they already have Pudge behind the plate and Livan Hernadez pitching. Thats something like 80 years of life experience right there.

    If you combine his HR total last year with Rick Ankiel, you have one more than Bernadina. Therefore, the Shark is better than them combined.

    Do yourself a favor Nationals, and LET SHARK PLAY!